Tali Goldstoff conducts Valuations and Risk Assessments in respect of the Diamond Processing Insurance and Loss Adjustments for the leading global Diamond and Jewellery Insurance Brokerage Companies in respect of the Underwriters and Brokers in e.g. London.

Diamond Processing Insurance:

This specialized insurance covers the costs in the event of a loss of value during the whole manufacturing process.
The risk assessment is based on numerous details of the diamond processing:

  • In depth analysis of the diamond.
  • The experience of the polishers in the factory.
  • The equipment used is an important element of the risk assessment.
  • Which laser device is used for the laser sawing process and the reputation of the laser operator.
  • The risk level is affected by the many characteristics of the natural rough or polished diamond.


Re-Polishing polished diamonds.

To assess the risk of re-polishing diamonds, many of the above mentioned topics are applicable.