Tali Goldstoff

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TGS is an Independent “Third party” Rough and Polished diamond valuating company.

For the last twenty years TGS has been conducting:

  • Inventory Assessments (Banks and accountancy companies)
  • Valuations (Banks and accountancy companies)
  • Risk Assessments (Insurance companies and Underwriters)
  • Loss Adjustment (Insurance companies and Underwriters)

Inventory Assessments and Valuations:

TGS is conducting Rough and Polished Diamond Inventory Assessments for the leading International diamond banks in Antwerp and abroad on a monthly basis.

Inventory Assessments and Valuations regarding IFRS compliancy:

TGS is conducting Rough and Polished diamond Inventory Assessments concerning Un-Qualified balance sheets in relation to the IFRS Compliancy regulations for international accountants.

Risk Assessments:

For over a decade, Tali Goldstoff is conducting independent third party Valuations and Risk Assessments in respect of Diamond Processing Insurances and Loss Adjustment for the leading global Diamond and Jewellery Insurance Brokerage Companies in respect of the Underwriters and Broker in London.

TGS Team:

The TGS Team has over 150 years of knowledge in rough and polished diamonds. The Team has decades of in depth experience in rough and polished diamond purchasing and sorting. They are experts in various productions of almost all the diamond producing countries.


Due to his strong global network, TG makes “tailor made” diamond business proposals to bring parties together.

Trade news:

Since decades, TG provides personalised diamond trade news.

Diamond Club:

Tali Goldstoff is a decade’s long standing member of one of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses, the Diamond Club of Antwerp.


Tali Goldstoff also attended the level 2 AML & Compliance Seminar, organized by AWDC on the 27th of February 2015.